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Discussion in '1911 Photo Gallery' started by Pablomigraine, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Pablomigraine

    Pablomigraine Whatchoo gots?

    Feb 17, 2018
    Been mulling some upgrades and, as I lack much visual imagination, I'm trying to find owner pics of the following or similar;

    DW and Ed Brown Bobbed Commanders in:
    • Reverse Duo-Tone (a-la SA EMP4 CCC; SS or Chrome Slide, blacked Frame & small parts)
    • All Chrome Slide & Frame with black small parts, grips (a-la Les Baer Hemi)
    • "Nightmare" (a-la SiG Nightmare; blacked Slide & frame, polished or chrome small parts)
    I know before I ask it's a very particular request, so my thanks in advance for any contributions!

    Thinking about one of the above, along with some slide cuts, refinements and action work for my DW Vbob and Specialist Commander.

    nonamelightweight.jpg No-Name-Commander-2.jpg
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  2. Pablomigraine

    Pablomigraine Whatchoo gots?

    Feb 17, 2018

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