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Big Pile of Glock Holsters, I realized I have far more holsters for these things than I will ever use...


Top row:
Glock LG Frame Trigger guard kydex holster GLockTech brand? $5 or free with other purchase
SPF. Glock 30 Hybrid made by Everyday Holsters , may fit others? $10 shipped

Middle Row:
Glock 19/23 IWB Alessi Holster $40 shipped
SPF. Glock 30 OWB De Santis 002 E8 marked on the back $25 shippeD
SOLD PENDING FUNDS-Glock 26/27 TT Gunleather IWB with Exotic loops, reinforced mouth, very nice holster $80 shipped
SPF. Glock 19? (only model I have to try and it fits, may fit others) No name Kydex IWB, $5 or free with other purchase

Bottom Row:
SPF Glock 9mm/40 and maybe others? Raven Vanguard Minimalist with Soft Loop $20 shipped
SPF. Detroit Holsters Glock 19? (again only mod I have, it fits, may fit others) Model 8 Mile $20 shipped

All OBO, bundle and save!

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Good snag on the Alessi - it's the Talon Plus model with a leather wrap around support in the front. Prevents holster collapse after drawing & allows for easier re-holstering;
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