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Pistol display/organization in safe. Recommendations needed.

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I “have a freind” that just picked up another safe (is there a gunsafeaddicts.com site?). This one is for pistols only.

Its a large vintage (80-100 years old?)UL double door safe, roughly 6’ high by 3.5” wide. It has been modernized with a digital keypad.

Looking for a decorative way to organize 60 or so pistols. Currently using plastic coated wire racks that hold 8-12 pistols where you slide the barrel over a rod. Looking for something more aesthetically pleasing.

What do you folks recommend?
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Following this thread out of curiosity. I went through something similar when trying to help my dad organize the pistol shelf in his safe. never found anything; also went with the rubber coated wire racks, but the ones that just cradle the pistol rather than a rod down the barrel.
I got one of these for my safe, I had one custom made to the dimensions of my safe. It holds 16 of my Smith&Wesson Revolvers.
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