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Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Machine gun Wood

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Machine gun

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Machine gun Gun accessory

For sale:
Black Collar Arms
Pork Sword
PSP300 Rem 700 SA
KAK 300 BO 1:8
Q Cherry Bomb
Trigger Tech Flat Trigger
Ergo Grip
MDT 10Rd Mag
Magpul Bipod
Magpul Angle Grip

Seperate but included in sale
SB FS1913 Brace

125 Rds Thru it.

$1550 Shipped
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What IS it?

I.... I think I LOVE IT!
Holy ****!!!!! This is completely awesome!!!!!
I am off to the safe to see what I can sell so I can throw those three words at you
Alright I'll take it
Congrats that’s a good buy…when you get it SBR that gun 👍🏻
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I can only imagine this being a back pack gun lol take it out and shoot it anywhere pew pew
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SPF to 67Ray
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This looks like so much fun - I'll post some range day pics when I get it
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