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born in the wrong century
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Mail peeps dropped off some stocking stuffers today.

Biden, Beto & Kam-a-La can kiss my arse. 👺

20 rd'ers for 5.56

126mm for 9mm/.38Super

Also arrived....too heavy to pick up on the counter.....is a box from Montana Gold with 3,750 nuggets of golden goodness. :cool:

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I got a holster, mag pouch and belt from Josh Bulman last week as we were leaving the house.


I also received 500 rounds of 9MM from Wilson, this is my second box of 500 rounds from them in the last month, price wasn’t too bad.



I also have 500 rounds of PMC 45 that should be delivered Saturday.

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born in the wrong century
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Brown truck was like Santa's sleigh for me today.

500 nuggets of gold arrived today for the .38 Skeptical pistola that should be here next week. Gonna see what all the good press is about. It'll be fun seeing what can be done with an XTP over a healthy dose of N105.

Another box had the Hogue overmolded stock that will go on my old .270 M700 BDL.....the plastic OE junk will go in the trash.

Every couple years I'll get a wild hair and want to make a change from the gun used whenever I carry in a pocket holster.

The normal gun for years has been a S&W Airweight 442. Just shy of 16oz makes it disappear.....and works fine in gym shorts or the like.

The downside is that it's a 5 shot, trench sights and heavy DAO trigger. Speed strips and speed-loaders are fairly slow, for me, at least.

I've tried different stuff with varying degrees of satisfaction....but ultimately wound up using the reliable lil' runt 442 again. :)

Gonna give it another try with a pocket rocket. Only a couple ounces heavier than the 442 with similar footprint.

I recently heard about Sig releasing a P365 TACPAC where you get the pistola, three 12-round magazines and a holster that's convertible IWB/OWB. I began poking around and found one for the same price as the normal package with the pair of 10-round mags.

The day I ordered the gun....also ordered another 12rd mag and four 15-rd mags.

Ironically, they all arrived this afternoon.

Gun feels good in hand. I get a full grip on it with the 12-rd mag, which is surprising as I wear a size 10-11 (XL) glove.

The 15rd mags will be carried as spare reloads.

12+1 with fast 15rd backup.

Took all of 30 seconds to snap on the IWB clips. The OWB are loops that you thread your belt through.

Not sure how durable it is, but my immediate plan is to stick some velcro backing on it and get it positioned somewhere handy in the vehicle.

The rear sights are nicely muted and the front sight is extremely hi-viz....grabs your focus really well.

Trigger breaks at the 90 degree position. Reset is short.
Trigger does have the distinctive springy/spoungy take-up like my old G43 just more subtle....should be easy to acclimate to.

Looking forward to a range trip when the workweek is done.


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I received two pair of grips. The distance between the mounting holes is 1/16th too long.

Colt factory grips fit.

Todays arrivals do not.

I have filed a return request. We shall see what happens next.
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