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Hey guys clearing out the safe and decided I should see about letting this one go as I don't shoot it enough. Me and doublestacks really don't go well together. Bought this when they first came out and fell in love with the trigger. It is used but definitely in great condition. No major scratches or holster wear (it was in a holster but only drawn maybe 6 times). Has some minor scratches on bottom of barrel from DPM spring/guide rod conversion. Color filled in white, both original mags. The box was cut to fit with a light so be aware of that as a range near us wanted them boxed to take to firing range.

Here is what it has:
Walther PPQ M2 9mm
Original box and paperwork
DPM guide rod with both hot and normal load springs (~150 rounds through normal load)
All 3 Grips (currently wearing the small)
Talon grips rubber
Original mags and reloader

Asking price is now $500 Shipped from my FFL to yours. Would prefer discreet paypal or money order, we can arrange other payment options if you are interested but that will be discussed prior to sale. As always look at the pictures as this is buying it as is (these are large photos from DSLR so go nuts). Let me know if you want more photos.
I am also willing to give a 3 day refund policy once it has arrived at your FFL. You will be responsible for return shipping if you decide to return it.
Thank you all!



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I have a 9mm PPQ M2. I've put over 5000 rounds through it, and I think I've only had one failure to feed. The factory trigger in these guns is excellent for a striker pistol. The action on these guns is a true single action; i.e. the striker is fully cocked when the slide is cycled.

I have since moved on to fully embrace the 1911 platform. However, if I had to go back to a striker pistol, I would strongly consider the PPQ.

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