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Sold to Harleyvato

Need to raise some $$$, so this cowboy shooter's dream is available:

16" barrel, hoop handle, very smooth action and trigger! Comes with Kirkpatrick Leather rifle butt stock cover, and a cheap nylon butt cover/cheek pad. Also will come with 2 different rail mounts (Rossi and NOE Moulds' excellent mount), as this model does have the drill/tap under the rear buckhorn sight!!

No case included nor do I have the original box.

I'm the 2nd owner, unsure of round count but I've not put more than 100 rounds through it, really closer to 75 or less. Fantastic shooter, smooth action with great trigger (this was compared to 3 other Rossi's and is far & above better than those 3 were)!!

Get your lever action fix, asking only $390 shipped to CONUS from my FFL. Payment via USPS money order or PayPal friends/family/gift or else you pay fees. Sorry, but no trades, need to pay some bills. FFL required, all federal/state laws will be followed.

Here's some good reading that explains why everyone should have at least one of these lever actions: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/08/chris-dumm/gun-review-rossi-model-92-lever-action-45-colt/

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