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The addiction is out of control so!

This is kind of off for this sight but hey why not give it a shot. I have a very well cared for and barely used set of 6"-12" B&S micrometers up for sale or trade. Carbide tipped faces and (.0001") tenths reading spindles.

If you need or would like additional photos or photos of a particular item/area just ask.

I do not use them any longer, probably never will again as my career has taken me to where I hope to finish up. If I ever do need them again I'll look at a new set when the time comes.
The scratches on the outside of the box are from the 0"-6" set box rubbing every time I took them out of my box.
(I still need those)

These sell for $2000+
I'm looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 trade value and $1250 cash price.
(Was $1700 trade and $1500 cash)
I'll cover shipping at this price. Any negotiation will include shipping talk.


If interested shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out.

Prefer cash sale. Will consider the right trade.
Looking for firearms, quality knives, rifles anything of similar value. Even multiple items that equal the street value.
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