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PSA: Springfield Prodigy AOS A12b Does Not Fit Jpoint.

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I wanted to give a heads up to any Prodigy owners wanting to run a Jpoint on it. The heads up is that you will need to modify the optic or the plate to mount the Jpoint optic even though it has the same footprint as the Shield optics. It is actually made by Shield.

The A12b plate is listed to fit the Holosun 407k/507k, Shield SMS/SMSC/RMS/RMSC/RMS2 and Hex Wasp. Note it is not listed to fit the Jpoint. Note that they do not list the Sig Romero or PSAs version of the Romero but these too share the same footprint as do many eBay special optics. In other words there are multiples not listed that share that same footprint and likely do work.

The reason I am posting this is because the Jpoint has the same footprint as the Shields do which would suggest the Jpoint should also fit. Shield makes the Jpoint lol. The issue is the Jpoint has a little ball nub on the back that there is no relief point in the optic plate to accommodate. The plates were made to account for the minor difference of the Holosun options but not for the Jpoint.

Shield on left and Jpoint on right.

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Being that the Jpoint has a hard plastic body you can sand the nub off to get it to fit.

Glock MOS plates actually have the relief point for that ball nub. Not sure how other plates are in relation to this.

Glock plate with Shield mounted. You can see the relief cut for the Jpoint nub.

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