Pulled Springfield Lightweight Operator 1911 PUlled

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    Sep 21, 2011
    Add pulled. I went to the range yesterday and took this sweet mo with me.
    After running about 6 mags I decided I would be a complete moron to sell something that with
    no work can do this

    Picked it up about 5 or 6 months ago. Love it but I have something cooking and I want to turn the heat up and hurry. >) So here's my
    Springfield Loaded Lightweight Operator

    - Wilson Combat MSG 2lpi Mag-well Installed (NOT FACTORY, I put it on.
    - Crossed Cannon Grips
    - 2 Nearly untouched Stainless Factory Mags (not a round put in them)
    - Tritium Night Sights
    - Match Barrel
    - Lightweight speed Hammer
    - Full Length Guide Rod
    - Front Cocking Serrations
    - Anodized Lightweight Aluminum Frame
    - 3 Dot Dovetail Low profile Combat Sights with Tritium inserts
    - Ambidextrous Safety
    - Original Blue Box
    - Owners Manual & Every Paper than came with it
    - Springfield Loaded Coupon
    - Factory Holster and Mag Carrier

    Gun has been to the range for 100 Rounds. 230 gn White box FMJ's
    I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy right out of the box. I really haven't tried hard to be serious with it yet.

    Has never been carried. Only handled to clean, change grips. Inserted to the described holster to adjust it. Never strapped up with it.
    Was cleaned before and after the 100 Round Range Session.
    There is NO idiot mark on it.
    In fact there are no marks on the gun. Even the rails are excellent. And I have mounted a light to it.
    I hate saying Like New or NIB on a fired gun, it's not. That's bs when people say it. This gun is immaculate. >)

    Click here for an American Rifleman review. I've seen better, but you can get a pretty good look
    Click here for an excellent write up in PDF form
    And Another, Click me for and Ezine

    The photos will show it with Monster Alloy Grips with Hogue Wrap around finger grooves, THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED. They stopped making them and I am very partial to them. I'll update them or take more if needed.



    Here's the deal.

    1911 With Mag-well MSH (Wilson) I Installed as upgrade. Not Factory. $1050

    1911 With Mag-well and **Silent Thunder Holster $1150

    1911 With Stream-light *TLR-1S New LED /Strobe As New $1150

    Gun With TLR1S AND Silent Thunder Tac Light Model Right Hand Holster AND The TLR-1S $1250

    *Tac Light new only to put on this gun. IT went on, was flawless at the range. Got a good cleaning with the 1911 and put in perfect storage for about 6 months. I have the Packaging. Bought the same day.

    **Silent Thunder Holster has seen very little use As well. It's made to work with adjustable flaps to accommodate this configuration or most other tac lights as well. It's a Right Hand Belt Holster.

    All Laws followed 100%.
    Need a Permit or CCW to purchase gun.
    Bill Of Sale will be completed at the time of purchase.
    I won't do a straw purchase and or anything illegal. Don't bother asking.

    Please read the listing prior to contact. Be happy to answer any questions.
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