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    So I had a box of cheap knives in a storage building on my property.

    It obviously had a leaking roof, and had water dripping in that particular box of knives (I was unaware) for over a year.

    I have since bought a newer storage building that does not leak.

    The Kabar Dozier & older Western W81 were worth saving, love carrying the lightweight Kabar, and the Western is a great little bird & trout knife for smallmouth fishing(which I love to do with Ultralight tackle).

    That said, I simply disassembling the Kabar & in the blast cabinet it went.

    10 minutes work maybe?

    The Western the same amount of time with a little more scale buffing afterwards.

    I just have a small Jobsmart blast cabinet, but saved these two with just 20 minutes worth the work.

    Ive some Duracoating for friends in the past which is why I bought the cabinet.

    Hope to put both to use this Spring.

    Kabar on far right.
    1101171339b.jpg 1101171701a.jpg
    Western Bird & Trout in middle.
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    Nice work, sir.
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