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Question about cutting a french border…

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A) how deep (technically, wide) to make the cut?

B) Use a tool with a sharp tip, or small radiused tip (.005, .010, 1/64” etc)?

C) Make the cutter parallel to the base (perpendicular to the slide flat), or make the top & flat & cut symmetric by putting the cutter at an angle to bisect the intersection of the slide flat at top-tangent?
Handwriting Font Parallel Slope Diagram

D) If parallel, cut it centered right ON the flat/round intersection line, or offset the cutter tip slightly below so the width of the cut comes up to the slide top intersection line?
Rectangle Parallel Font Slope Diagram

E) why the hell are single-point threadmill cutters so expensive. And I don’t have an arbor saw for slitting either. Can I use a HSS double-angle cutter like this?
Double Angle Chamfer Cutter 1/2 dia X 60 degree MariTool
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That cutter is fine and tilt the slide indicate the top of the slide if using that cutter. Depth is note a matter if taste I've cut them .010-.030 depends if it's more a tactical build or classic imo. The edge that separates the flat from the radius follows the top of the slide.
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why would the thickness of the tool matter?
How thick?
The deeper you go the wider it will get, they make them in various angles 60 degree, 45 degree. The 45 degree obviously a wider cut. Run that cutter pretty slow, 180-220 rpm is where I run that but, I don't use that cutter for French borders.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts