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I'd like your thoughts or comments about (1911) ammo regarding high-velocity, or lead-free primer, or frangible ammo or any combination of the above. Facts or data would be nice. I'd like to start using some of the Honey Badger stuff, as well as some frangible (Inceptor, etc.) for shooting steel. I understand some indoor ranges require lead-free pimers. There's an article in a current gun magazine discussing how much cleaner lead-free primers leave your gun.

This is a quote from WC's website Q & A section, but who knows how old or outdated it is?

"Wilson Combat and other manufacturers have observed significant pistol damage from using Non-Toxic, Lead-Free Frangible Training ammunition. The high-pressure of this type of ammunition combined with lead-free primers can cause gas cutting and breech face damage and is not recommended for use."

I don't want to damage any of my guns using this stuff if it is actually harmful, but I don't want to hide from some non-existent "boogie man" either.

I've spoken to several pistol manufacturers and have not been able to confirm this. Inceptor says they've never seen any complaints. Sig says they use their own proprietary frangible ammo for training. I won't mention any other names. I'm not trying to start some kind of ammo feud, I just want simple facts.

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