SOLD Radar Detector: Escort 9500i

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    Nov 29, 2017
    For sale only in states where Radar Detectors are legal. Buyer is responsible to verify state laws.

    Asking $175. Location, southeast Michigan, willing to meet at 12 Oaks Mall for f2f transaction.

    This radar detector is an Escort 9500i with a red display and is in very good condition. One of the cool features it has is the ability to lock out false signals so if you're on a regular commute to and from a certain destination and you know there's a signal that trips the detector, you can mark the location so that the device remembers the location. The next time you drive past the same marked point, the detector won't go off due to the same signal in that area.

    This item comes with 2 new suction cups. The ones I used lost their cone shape so I replaced them with brand new ones that haven't been used yet. Depending on the angle of your windshield, the back of the radar detector might tap on the windshield as you're driving down the road. I will include peel and stick felt (not shown). The user manual that's in the box is for the Passport 9500ix which is the one I'm still using in my own car so I'll keep any of the papers which have the serial number for my unit that I'm keeping and will include the manual that I don't need any more for mine. This is the 9500i so you might see features explained in the manual that aren't features on this unit.

    We have one of these in each of our vehicles so this one is a spare since we're one vehicle less in our household than we've had in the past so it's no longer needed. When it was brand new, we bought it for around $450. Currently, the Passport iX can be found online for around $275.

    Methods of payment accepted: PayPal (add 3%), Venmo, Zelle, cash or personal check (check must clear before item ships), or USPS Money Order.

    Insured shipping to be added by Buyer. Buyer to contact me for the amount to add to the total sale.

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    Nov 29, 2017
    SOLD but I'm having a strange issue not being able to mark the item SOLD in the correct way. Will try again on a computer shortly.

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