Range Report Les Baer Stainless Steel Custom Carry.

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  1. 3Baers

    3Baers 1911 oldie

    Oct 9, 2011
    The Pistol is a standard Custom Carry with the following exceptions.

    Single Strong Side Thumb Safety
    Checkered Mainspring Housing
    Long Match Trigger
    Slim Grips

    Out of the box this CC was stiff, a little more so than my other Baers were out of the box.
    I cleaned off the oil and swapped out the Baer Slim grips for a set of VZ
    Double Diamond Black Cherry G10 Slim Line grips and SS Hex Head grip screws.
    The Baer Slim grips may look good but they are slick and offer little purchase.
    The VZ’s are more aggressive but not overly so and allow one to get a good grip
    on the pistol.

    I arrived at my shooting spot and setup two targets one 7 yards out and the other about 2 yards left of the first and about 10 yards out. I had 200 rounds of Winchester White box loaded in 16 CMC Power Mags and 9 CMC Power Mag Pluses. The first 5 mags I took my time and shot nice groups (pretty much same ragged hole at that range) but they were centered about an inch left of POA. At this point I stopped (loosened the rear sight Allen Screw) and took my punch and mallet to adjust the rear sight. After giving the sight few good whacks, she was hitting POA for me. The first 25 Mags ran flawlessly, no FTEs or FTFs, I stopped every 5 mags and added a drop of CLP to the Barrel, Barrel Hood and each rail. I then fired 4 mags of Remington JHPs using CMC Power Mag Pluses and had no issues. That made 232 rounds without a hiccup of any type. Most of the firing was done as draw, fire two shots on the right target, then fire two on the left and repeat. Bad news is by the time I finished this, my strong hand thumb was raw and bleeding a little. The Thumb Safety on this gun is extremely stiff and is loosening up but it’s going to take some time. In the mean time I wrapped the end of my thumb in masking tape so I could continue. BTW, I shoot nothing but 1911s and have a callous on my thumb in this spot but the safety ate right through it.

    Next, I setup a single target at 7 yards and two steel plates, one on either side of the paper target and about 15 yards out. Next was eighteen 8 round CMC Shooting Star Mags loaded with 200gr LSWC, 5.2gr W231. Draw fire two on the paper target then shoot the left steel first, then right, firing at each target till two good solid rings are heard. I’d do that for six mags, re-lube and then repeat but shooting the right steel first. Shot all 18 mags no malfunctions; so that’s another 144 rounds.

    Now the bad news. I reloaded the Shooting Stars and started my drill again, first mag failed to lock back after the last round. This happened every other mag for the first 6 mags. Now these mags are strictly practice mags, they have had hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds shot through them, some are 15 to 20 years old and have never had the springs replaced. They just get a tear down and cleaning about twice a year. So having an occasional mag related problem with them is not uncommon. But this didn’t seem right so I cleared the weapon and held the slide back and checked the slide stop operation. It felt really gritty and stiff , so I took my CLP and put a few drops of it around the Slide Stop and worked it up and down. It felt much better so back to the drill. I did not have another failure to lock back after that and shot another 16 mags. 14 of reloads and two of those mags were ones the CC had failed to lock back on earlier. So that was another 160 rounds of reloads and the final 2 mags were CMC Power Mag Pluses with UMC Ball. Bringing it to a total round count of 552 rounds with the only malfunctions being the 3 failures to lock back after the last round.

    All in all I am very pleased with this CC. Its’ accuracy is more than up to the typical Baer standards. I am pleased with its’ function and am not at all worried about the 3 failure to lock back malfunctions. The trigger pull smoothed out nicely with just a slight amount of take up and crisp break at a tad over 4lbs. However this gun after 552 rounds is still pretty tight and will require some more shooting to smooth it out, and I’m not going to complaining about that.

    First Setup


    After 29 Mags


    Second setup w/plates


    After first 18 Mags of Reloads


    Done for the Day

  2. DAT85

    DAT85 BIG OL' BALD HAID ! Supporting Addict

    Aug 26, 2011
    Congrats on a scoring a fine blaster as well as a great range report! :thumb:

    Out of my 5 Baers,only 2,both H/C 1.5 guns,NEVER choked during the first 750 rds.All of the others required a FULL 1k rds to fully "settle in.My MONO Commanche just broke 965 rds and had 2 FTF on Ranger 230 gr hp today.BUT,my blued TRS which now has broken 4100 rds,hasn't choked ONCE since round 850.

    Les makes his guns stewpid tight,but accurate as hell.
    Keep feeding it good quality ammo and she will run like a scalded dog in no time!

    Also.my ritual for the first 1k:
    A drop of oil( or CLP ) on each rail,1 drop on the hood and 1 by the muzzle every 50-75 rds.Every 2 boxes run a bore snake down the tube.

    Do not break down for cleaning until after 500-750 rds.

    Just my .02 anyway!


  3. Bender

    Bender Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 15, 2011
    Awesome,.....can't wait to get my "new to me" Convept IV to the range!

    Great RR,......thanks
  4. pdogkilr

    pdogkilr Can't afford Therapy

    Jan 7, 2012
    Nicely done 3Baers. Excellent Review !! Looks like another great shooter has joined your stable.
  5. limbkiller

    limbkiller Pulling my hair. Supporting Addict

    Aug 18, 2011
    Excellent report 3. Sounds like you have another fine gun to shoot.
  6. Sir Guy

    Sir Guy Sharpening Ockham's Razor Supporting Addict

    Aug 20, 2011
    Great review and nice photos! Glad to hear it's getting dialed in properly.

    When you changed grips, did you change the bushings out as well? Curious as I've heard that can be the hangup from switching back and forth from thin to standard grips.

  7. 3Baers

    3Baers 1911 oldie

    Oct 9, 2011
    I ordered it with Slim Grips, so it had the slim bushing already installed. I have done bushing change on a Baer before and it was not fun.
  8. Bender

    Bender Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 15, 2011
    Thin grip bushings can be used with standard grips, however thin grips
    MUST have thin bushings.
  9. deadguy

    deadguy Charlie Daniels Supporting Addict

    Sep 7, 2011
    Great report 3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that.
  10. Sir Guy

    Sir Guy Sharpening Ockham's Razor Supporting Addict

    Aug 20, 2011
    Good to know, thanks. I wasn't sure how well the standard grips would hold on with thin bushings. :smilie:

  11. Yoda

    Yoda 1911 38 super junkie

    Nov 7, 2011
    Nice gun you have there I am waiting for an UTC my self. I ordered it from CJ back in October of last yr
    Enjoy it

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