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For my friends that wanted a comparison.

Ok so finally got a opportunity to get both the Springfield Loaded Long Beach Operator and the Colt Government Competition ( both in .45) to the range today for a little shoot out.
I was rather surprised by how closely the guns performed. Both where extremely accurate , triggers were both fantastic. Both gun performed flawlessly.
I was dead even with both. Now my wife on the other hand , preferred the Long Beach Operator , she thought it shot a bit smoother and she was more accurate with it over the Colt.
So I took another few mags to evaluate their performance, and I have to agree . The Long Beach barely edged out the Colt. It did in fact shoot just a little smoother and slightly better groups. With a little softer recoil.
But as the day went on the Colt was closing the gap. With every pull of the trigger it seemed to smooth out at little more and the groups began to tighten .
This bringing the guns closer in performance to each other.
As the Colt breaks in I can see it being a real contender to the Long Beach Operator. It may not be a complete equal but only time and more rounds will tell.
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