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RCBS JR3 single stage press
All accessories needed to start reloading immediately.
Powder feed
Primer feed tubes (large & small)
Primer catcher
Lube Pad
Shell Holders (several)
Burring Tool
(Primer tubes are not in pic)

Misc. reloading dies (sold separately)
$ 100.00, shipped to you in lower 48. (See Pics)
Here’s a link to a guy who bought a JR3 used………….

Reloading dies (all dies are RCBS): (See Pics)
3 die set for 44 Special (also does 44 Mag.)
3 die set for 45 acp
FL (full length) set for 30-06
FL “ “ “ “ .308
FL “ “ “ “ .223
Primer Pocket Swager Combo kit
Each Die set & Swager Kit are $20.00 shipped to you….or free ship if bought with loader.
Prefer Postal M.O.... Don't have Paypal. Also listed on another site......
First "I'll take it" here gets loader. Questions by PM or email me at [email protected].
Thanks for looking. TR


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