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[RE-LISTED] Ed Brown Executive Elite II + Upgrades Galore | 45 ACP

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This sale is for a PRISTINE and FULLY CUSTOM Ed Brown Executive Elite II (5”) Government Size 1911 chambered in 45 ACP / Auto and in 99.9% perfect condition. (I simply can't find a single aesthetic flaw…ANYWHERE.) This pistol even has the highly coveted Skip-Line Checkering (no longer available) on BOTH the front strap and main spring housing!

(NOTE: Anything that looks like a scuff is simply oil and/or fingerprints. This beauty is MINT CONDITION.)

I bought this pistol last November from a fellow addict. My understanding is that he was the original owner, and he sent the pistol out more than once to add more and more custom features over time, including 24K Gold Bead Front Sight, U-Notch Battle Rear Sight, EB Hardcore One-Piece Magwell, Flat Top Slide w/ Serrations, Highest Quality Two-Tone Finish in polished DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), and much more. (You can read his original ad HERE.)

This GEM comes with all its original accessories and spare parts — Ed Brown soft carry case, all original parts and factory accessories, original paperwork, Ed Brown official letter detailing work from the first factory upgrade, original Ed Brown grips, brand new Ed Brown fine-grained Cocobolo Magwell grips (currently on the pistol, upgraded Challis whorl grip screws, extra set of VZ blue tactical grips, two Wilson Combat 8-round magazines, and just a whole lot of NEXT-LEVEL COOLNESS!

Steal this SAFE QUEEN SHOWPIECE today for a quick and easy $3000 with FREE SHIPPING from my FFL (City Arsenal in Greenville, SC) to your hometown FFL via UPS 2-Day.

Instant electronic payments are always preferred. However, payment options are very flexible. USPS money orders must be limited to $500 per money order. Otherwise, my local post offices have a hard time cashing them these days with never enough money on-hand to clear a money order beyond that amount, and the bank takes one full week to clear a USPS money order.

Please feel free to ask questions. Happiness guaranteed. Thank you.

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Nice! I miss mine quite a bit. I do not believe the EB is offering the skip line checkering any longer. Shame, it is a nice pattern. This should go quick. GLWS!
I have it's twin. Ed Browns are the best deal out there for the money. They are always the most accurate with usually the best triggers. And if you tell them you want a gold barrel or fancy holes in your slide, they will basically tell you to f**k off. Which is awesome!!!
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This is a fantastic Brown. I really like the skip line checkering.
Crazy.. I've had a photo of this one saved from the 2 tone thread and I'm having a birth year Colt built using this pistol as the main inspiration..
Congrats in advance to the new owner!
Thanks for all the replies, everyone. She really is a first class beauty!

BTW, I also have 8 or 9 Tripp Research magazines (the best of the best) available for sale.

(PM for best price.)

I don't have an Ed Brown so....
I'll take it per our PM conversation.
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Fantastic way to check out Ed Brown. I was about to pull the trigger yesterday but this one is almost too nice to shoot. Congratulations!
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