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Kimber Solo Custom Carry - I am the second owner. I would estimate round count at 250 including the 50 I shot (no malfunctions on my shooting). The sights are original black with the white dots. The only modification to this Solo is a shortened trigger (about 1/8") to prevent pinching. I am selling as I shoot my Kahr PM9 better, or this would be a keeper.
Included is the pistol with Kimber pouch (no box), Rusty Sherrick Cordovan US High Ride holster made with horsehide, two six round magazines and two 8 round magazines. Also a set of SGM grips that are more grippy than the original.
Price $600 delivered. Now $525 delivered shipped from individual to your FFL.
Solo Right.jpg
Solo Left.jpg
Solo US High Ride.jpg
Solo Case and Mags.jpg
Solo SGM grips.jpg
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