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$$$REDUCED$$$ Full Custom 2011 -- Longslide -- USPSA Limited -- 40 S&W

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Gun built by Mike Steven a regional talent from Northern ILL, He is an experienced shooter and 'hand' with 1911s, and is the go-to guy for a number of gents that shoot with him. This gun features a 6" Infinity slide with interchangable breechface, flat topped, serrated, Bomar style FO sights, Barsto Bull Barrel, Premium internals top to bottom, PT Aggressive grip on an STI frame, with a CAPE Magwell, comes as shown with a pile of mags. Gun is AS NEW, has been shot less than 100 rounds since built, and has had minor dry practice.

This gun is tight, smooth, and well put together IMO, I shot 5 rounds thru it and it is a joy to bang

$3500 Shipped


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Wow Karl I bet that is one fun gun to shoot! For everything on it plus the mags! This is Avery fare priced gun!
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Where my Racers at? ------------ $3400 Shipped!
$3200 Shipped!
$3000 Shipped for a ready to race rig, with nearly no miles on it, with these parts in it is a killer deal for someone!
Getting silly cheap now, -------- $2825 Shipped!
May end up taking this to auction next week if no body here wants it ------------ $2600 Shipped
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