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Up for sale is my recently acquired Guncrafter No Name Commander 45 with a bobtail, and rare bull barrel. I purchased this here less than two months ago. It has sat in the safe, unfired by me, ever since. I had the opportunity to buy back my previously owned Nighthawk Falcon 10mm from sigsauerstx, so I took the plunge. Now, this beautiful No Name has to go to replenish those funds.

This was a late 2018 build. Besides the bobtail and bull barrel, this one has the upgraded ball endmill cuts, flush cut/reverse crown barrel, GI fitted and finished Wilson BP slide stop and single side thumb safety, along with the factory GI slide stop and thumb safety. Comes with two recoil guide systems, a two piece and a full length guide rod system, the GI bag, towel, and one magazine. The previous owner said it did not come to him (new) from GI with the test target. He also said he only fired 32 rounds in the couple of weeks that he owned this fine pistol, and it would appear that is accurate.

Here is a link to the original sale ad:



USPS Money Orders or Certified Checks. NO Paypal! If we have done business (guns) before, I may take a personal check, but shipping may be delayed for funds to clear.

PM with questions. First "I'll take it" followed up with PM gets it.

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Boy, you like your GI's ;)
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