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Sale/Trade Remington 700 AAC-SD, 308win, McRee Chassis, Vortex Viper 6.5-20 scope

Discussion in 'Firearm Classifieds' started by Jay5.7, Dec 7, 2017 at 4:36 AM.

  1. Jay5.7

    Jay5.7 New Member

    Dec 4, 2017
    Remington 700 AAC-SD 308win in a McRee Precision folding stock chassis.

    About the barreled action:
    Factory threaded barrel with aftermarket brake.
    Approx 60rds fired.

    About the chassis:
    McRee Precision folding stock chassis.
    Hydrodipped multicam - some flaws.
    One 5rd and one 10rd mag included.
    Uses AR15 stocks and grips, Magpul MOE stock installed, Bravo company grip installed. **stock cheek pad & bipod in picture not included***

    Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44 PA, Mil dot, w/ butler creek flip caps
    Weaver 20 MOA base
    Weaver rings

    OEM Hogue stock and bottom metal included.

    Prefer ftf in SC. Will ship at buyers expense.

    $1000 without scope & rings
    $1000 with scope/rings/factory stock....without chassis.


    FN PS90
    Springfield Armory Loaded Operator, sometimes called the Long Beach Operator, Black Operator or Loaded Black Operator.
    Springfield TRP Operator 9mm or 45.
    Springfield Armory Range Officer Operator 9mm or 45.
    Colt M45A1 ionbond.
    Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun.
    Colt black Rail Gun.

    More pictures available on request...



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  2. BCWood64

    BCWood64 "Select Zone 5 and engage...."

    Feb 25, 2016
    What's the reason for selling? Seems like a nice setup.

  3. Jay5.7

    Jay5.7 New Member

    Dec 4, 2017
    Two reasons actually :)

    1. I recently acquired another 308 bolt gun (a FN SPR A3 USG Sniper rifle), that made four 308's in my safe. The FN, aside from the historical value, will do everything this one will do. I will likely never sell the FN just because of what it is and I could never replace it so this is the one that drew the short straw. When I put this rifle together I was working a ton of overtime at work. I hated it, to make the OT somewhat bearable I told myself I would put a rifle together once the OT was over.

    2. I want a 1911 again or a PS90. The guns I am looking at are around the $1100-$1300 range. So if I sell the rifle, that is in essence a duplicate of rifles I have I can free up the funds for the other purchase.
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