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$100 - Lot of five (5) used, Remington Double Stack (Para Ordinance spec) 1911 9mm 19 round magazines with aluminum +1 base pads, Remington part number 17794. Lot price equals $20 per magazine (new, retail price +/- $40 per magazine). No packaging included. The slide stop ledge on the followers have been lowered to prevent the magazines from locking slide open with a round remaining in the magazine. Base pads have upper rear width relieved to fit mag well (see pictures). The magazines feed perfectly in my Rem Recon Commander and do lock the slide open after the last round. Estimated 200-300 rounds through each magazine. Shipped USPS Priority Mail CONUS only. I will not sell/ship to: CA, CT, HI, MA, MD, NY, NYC, CO, NJ, Cook County IL and Aurora, IL due to high capacity magazine laws.

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