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Still need more cash-- so for sale.

I want to point out that I am not an expert at determining military 1911 correctness or originality. I am sure the people here in the Forum know more about this than I ever will. I did consult a highly regarded book on the subject and had a fellow I know from the CMP Forums look at this and provide guidance.

You get 3 day NON Firing Refund if not what I described here.

$2175.00 shipped to FFL or Curio
I am not an FFL Dealer, so AZ Driver's license will be submitted.

Super nice Remington Rand 1911 A1 .45 acp pistol, production date of about: February 1945. Serial: 2417638.

As you can see from the images, the pistol is in extremely nice condition, I would rate over all finish condition at: 96%-97%. Pistol has seen very little use or firing.

The finish on all parts appear to be original, the sharpness of the edges, and some significant parts are still blued finish. The feed ramp on the frame is bright, indicating original finish. I do not see any evidence of rust or pitting anywhere, and/or any reworking.

The HS marked barrel (High Standard) is correct for this gun, has a mirror bore, mint and sharp and clean muzzle and chamber.

The slide and frame each have the "P" proof mark, that has the identical character, or were stamped at the same time with the same stamp, indicating originality to each other.

Part markings and characteristics:

Grips are brown synthetic, have the STAR with a "K" inside. The reinforcement rings are present.

The FJA mark is present on the left side of frame.

The "G" mark is present on the top of frame, near right edge.

The barrel as mentioned above is HS marked, and P marked.

Cross Cannon mark is present on the right side of frame.

The mainspring housing has the appropriate 8 ribs.

The magazine is blued finish, has an "L" mark on top of the base plate. The hammer, safety, grip safety, and the slide stop are all the proper type as specified in 1911 collector books, including E. Scott Meadows book.

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