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I now have my new production 70 series full size .45 Colt pistol. I will be changing both sights out, having the dovetails cut, most likely by Novak. Guys here on the Forum provided that guidance and it works for me.

I like the rear I have on my Ed Brown so I may as well use it on the Colt. It is a fixed Kensight.
The question I have about this procedure are dimensions (height) of the sights.

All measurements taken from the top of the slides.

Colt factory stock sights:
Front .175" high
Rear Leaf: .225" high
Rear notch depth: .075" deep (from leaf to bottom of notch)
The pistol is zeroed with these sights at 50', or about 1.25" above point of aim.

Ed Brown aftermarket sights
Front: .180" high
Rear leaf .330"
Rear notch depth: .105"
At 50' this pistol hits about 1.50" above point of aim, which is just fine.

Between the two guns there is a .100" difference from front to rear, subtracting sight heights on a particular gun. Then there is the difference in notch depth as well.

On the Colt if I were to use a rear sight of .330", I would need a very tall front, .280" !

I am aware of the formulas for correcting a high or low POI, but this is different, or at least I think it is. Not sure if I am approaching this correctly.
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