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I enjoy the hobby of trap shooting and have a small assortment of trap guns. Most of the time I shoot my Krieghoff K80 ACS, I figure if you've seen one then you've pretty much seen mine. I don't have any photos of my 1949 Remington 31TC but I do have a photo of my two Browning Diana grade Broadway trap in 30" & 32". (1968, one of 118 & 1969)
There's also a Remington 1100TB, 3200 Special Trap and a grade 1 Browning Broadway Trap, I figure everyone knows what those look like as well. I don't have photos of those that I an find.
I've been searching for these Belgian Diana Superposed guns for over a decade.
To me, the Diana is the most beautiful of the Belgian Superposed.
There is the problem of trap guns being used a lot and enduring minimal maintenance, the French Gray is pretty much a metal treatment of bare metal and it rusts very easily. The biggest issue is that of 'salt wood' which was an issue the Belgian FN made Brownings had through a good bit of the 1960's and the first couple years of the 1970's. These guns clicked all the boxes and are nice tight, mostly rust and salt free guns. I was ecstatic to adopt both of these.
What can I say? I'm an addict.

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921 - 940 of 974 Posts