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RMRcc versus RMR on C2

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I thought there would be a bit more discussion in here about the topic but I didn't find any in the seach. I have the regular RMR on my glock 19 but I think it would stick out a bit too far and look bizarre on a 2011. That's when I heard about the RMRcc, which is nearly the exact width of the 2011 slide. Any thoughts on which route I should take? Thanks!
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That's what I'm talking about! It just looks like it belongs there. Obviously, being direct milled helps but it just fits. And you're right, I do need more practice!
But now you are 100% married to that optic; the blessing and curse of the direct mill for a proprietary footprint (with RMR you have Holosun and adapter options).

With respect to MPD, I'm happy he's confident in his conclusions and it seems like he's vetted the subject. However, every individual is limited to their own abilities.

I didn't feel that the RMRcc was "too small" when I shot one on a Marvel model gun the first time. Rather, I would say the RMR is "more forgiving" if you're not fully competent in the dot life yet. There was a noticeable difference in size going back and forth from my C2 to the other gun.
ON THE RANGE, I had no issues finding the dot in the RMRcc and keeping it the window so long as I did everything I was supposed to do. My concern is outside of range/ideal conditions. Ex: Weak hand only on the move...probably going to struggle compared to the RMR.

No doubt the RMRcc looks better, but I wouldn't go all-in until I tried it for myself...just my $0.02
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