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I thought there would be a bit more discussion in here about the topic but I didn't find any in the seach. I have the regular RMR on my glock 19 but I think it would stick out a bit too far and look bizarre on a 2011. That's when I heard about the RMRcc, which is nearly the exact width of the 2011 slide. Any thoughts on which route I should take? Thanks!

I've been running an RMR on my P DPO for over a year.

It's been excellent for me, but do not want a smaller window.

Really liking the gun and how it handles. I have an X300 on it along with the magwell. It's a tad bulky IWB, yet it performs so damn well.

I knew it would most likely happen one day....today is that day....just added a C2.
Will mount a smaller light, most likely a TRL-7A and take advantage of the shorter config IWB.

I have zero doubt that an identical RMR will find it's way atop the C2.

What is funny is that I've never noticed "slide side overhang"....couldn't tell you if there is any or not. I'd have to grab the P DPO outa the safe and look it over. I've simply never noticed.

Optics are mighty personal....what one eye likes....others don't.

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I have an RMR CC, but honestly have not done more than just play with it. For the way I use small guns, an RDS just gets in the way, so all my dot guns are "normal size", with normal size rds. I currently only use RMR's or Acro's for carry.

As far as needing practice, that really isn't the issue in my mind. First, everyone needs more practice, but finding the dot on presentation is the easy part. Its finding the dot again and again when doing things like one handed shooting under a car at a weird angle. Doesn't matter how good a shooter you are, a bigger window helps with all the non-square range stuff guns are meant for.

RDS are awesome on pistols, but they have some serious drawbacks for the vast majority of even skilled shooters. An RMR is marginal in window size, but totally useable with a lot of practice. The Acro is a drop easier. Who knows what will come down the road to improve our use of them.

The CC certainly looks good when direct milled to a 1911. I will have to play with it some more, but I don't mind a little overhang.
My 2 cents is that window size still doesn't matter in that circumstance. If I can't find my dot because I'm shooting in some bizarre position, I can cheat by lining up the irons and find my dot that way. I see window size as more of an advantage when it comes to keeping the dot in view under recoil.
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