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So I bought this holster for my S&W 65-5 LS but it's just a smidgen too big. I believe it's more suited to a Mod 66 or 19 maybe. (Or L or N model 3" as suggested below)
It's an early Rob Leahy (Simply Rugged Holsters) sourdough pancake model holster that I don't believe has seen much use.
$55 shipped

**I ordered a pair of iwb straps in oxblood and Chicago screws form Simply Rugged with intentions of drilling the holes myself. I'll throw the unopened package in with the holster for $20 additional.
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The Ladysmith Model 65 would have the same frame and barrel shroud as a 66 or 19. I would guess an L frame or maybe N frame since it has the 27 stamped on the holster. An email to Rob might be able to confirm what it fits. He makes nice holsters. GLWS
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