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    x95mk220 #1. I am powerless against a well built 1911.

    Jun 17, 2018
    Jared Van Otterloo designed & Rod Olson’s, JV Full CUSTOM Redemption Button-Lock Flipper. Hand Crafted & stout (Like a tank) Button Lock Flipper. Designed by Jared Van Otterloo built by Rod Olson. This is one of the most solid feeling Button Lock Flipper Hand crafted with titanium handles, mirror polished and finished mokume overlays with a Damasteel back-spacer & Zircuti clip that has some of the finest anodization I’ve laid eyes on. The blade is finely ground, etched and hand mirror polished Damasteel that will wow any type of collector with its modified Tanto-Spear Point. Rod Olson is a master custom knife builder and the design was a gorgeously imagined and brought to life as the JV Redemption by the mad genius master knife designer Jared Van Otterloo (JVO). It runs on ceramic bearings and flips out like silk and locks up like a bank vault. From the decorative pivots to the over all solid construction. The knife was crafted in the good ole USA & Condition is like New. Comes with a zippered padded case. Insured & Shipped with USPS Priority Package.

    $1400; Will Accept PayPal (F&F only will not accept G&S) or VENMO. “Firm on Price” full handbuilt Custom Knife built in the good ole USA.

    **Please DM for questions**

    2A05209C-A34A-4216-B332-817F4B30C465.jpeg 68246803-5D16-4B1B-8A01-FA4AC95BB07A.jpeg 1FE907D5-494E-4965-829D-5F1AB2BA00DB.jpeg 3EE92EB1-B4B5-4F9E-AA52-AFD1E265735F.jpeg 2D869643-6768-43F9-8D3C-1F284DF176DE.jpeg 82701846-DE28-445B-8430-CA659C285FDC.jpeg 8D748CBA-A1BE-48A6-8205-58A2C93A9442.jpeg EC206E78-DC36-432A-82ED-957BAB10F1A6.jpeg 70DEBCBB-BEC0-42CB-AA45-181733E50FF0.jpeg 8B2E1FFD-AFC0-48C0-B287-652D6F0A318D.jpeg
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  2. x95mk220

    x95mk220 #1. I am powerless against a well built 1911.

    Jun 17, 2018
    Bump for the weekend. This is a one-off Jared Van Otterloo & built by master custom knife maker Rod Olson. Expensive but you have to realize the materials on it are expensive and all the hours of one man using manual tools to creat this work of Bada**ary!!!

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