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Read carefully. This is a PARTIAL Rogers build I picked up from one Addict and then sent back to Chuck for a few additions. The gun is parkerized which is perfect for upcoming summer events and humidity. Or to finish your preferred way later.

Comes as pictured with everything gun related in the pics. Not my truck, tailgate, cargo boxes, truck weights, or spare tire, or gun stand.

I will list the work done by Chuck when it was sent back to him and if you want a picture of the email confirming this I will text or PM it to you.

If anyone wants to have a discussion with me about this gun they can PM, text, or call me. These aren't laying around everywhere so if you're looking to get into some of his work this is an opportunity.

I will discuss payment and other details through PM or text.

Additional work provided by Chuck after the build sheet which is in the pictures on the next page.

Re-machine ejector slot
Fabricate custom ejector
Extra Wilson 'Bulletproof' extractor. Tuned
Rogers' golfballed semi-flat trigger. Medium length
Trigger work.
Small radius EGW firing pin stop
EGW disconnector
Wolff recoil spring
Rogers' logo grips (Nice Grips)
Reliability work and test fire

I'm going to do a Friday price drop. $7700 You also have the option to send me $2500 down and pay it off in an agreed to amount of time. If you are interested in this idea PM me.

Possible Partial Trades
KAC 14.5 Mlok upper
Shadow Systems Glock
Wilson SFX9 3.25 or 4 inch
Complete KAC SR-15 Mlok

Thank you for looking,

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What’s the vintage of the base gun please? Can’t see the SN for a look up
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This is a steal of a deal, really surprised it’s still here
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