Ruger Gunsite .308

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    Feb 13, 2018
    Ruger Gunsite .308 Bolt Action 16” Barrel
    It has 50 rounds thru it. All were flawless and as accurate as any other stock Ruger. Has two minor dings on the buttstock but other than that it is in like new condition.
    I will pay shipping from my FFL to your FFL.
    Looking to get $650. Payment via PayPal F&F. Any offers please send via PM.

    Thank you

    C78691B7-B50D-4CAE-A010-EC7CBE19AC93.jpeg 0A02879A-637E-450E-A76D-7A536905FF38.jpeg 79551A5A-9B33-47AD-B1AC-C7E5E99B7D6E.jpeg 077C02B4-05EE-4A2A-A180-B2D3A0A89935.jpeg View attachment 264641 417B6661-B0C7-4B5B-9B52-6A52A94E3257.jpeg
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