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Ruger KAC-556F Stainless Machinegun, Fully Transferable WITHDRAWN

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In stock and ready for immediate transfer on a eForm3 is a rare Ruger KAC-556F stainless steel factory select fire machinegun with side folding stock. This is fully transferable and can be owned by civilians in any state where it is legal. The fire modes are semi auto and 3-round burst, which helps maintain better control when firing. The side folding stock is a unique and sturdy design, which is actually fairly comfortable to shoot. It will come with a Ruger 20-round blued factory magazine and an aftermarket stainless steel magazine (aftermarket mag does not function well in gun without modification, but looks great with it).

This is a police department trade in, and as such has expected wear - the small size in folded configuration makes it very easy to get into and out of a vehicle, which this saw use for. The bore is strong and as with most police weapons, it appears this saw much more carrying than shooting. There is a department control number hand engraved above the serial number. Please see close up picture of the stock for a representative sample. More pictures are available to interested parties. This is a gun with character that will make a great shooter which you won't be afraid to take to the range.

This KAC-556F is priced at WITHDRAWN shipped, payable by bank/cashiers check only. We offer a layaway plan on machinegun purchases & are happy to provide more info on this. We will immediately eFile a Form 3 to transfer this to your dealer upon receipt of payment in full. Tax charged on sales to GA and AL, but this can be transferred by us to residents of these states.

This one is posted here only and only being offered for a limited time - this is a quite unique and fun variant of a platform that has been appreciating significantly as of late. This will gladly revert into our inventory if no one jumps quickly ;)

We also have other transferable MGs in stock and offer a consultation/buying service to find the perfect fit for you. We specialize in obtaining excellent condition machineguns for your enjoyment and investment!

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I love it when a plan comes together!

So accurate in the hands on the A Team that even on full auto they could just scare the bad guys and not hit anyone! :LOL:

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If I bought this, then I’d have to buy the matching van!

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Last chance on this - if it doesn't sell, it will go back into our long term inventory...we won't mind 😉

@bhsurf4 unfortunately, we cant help you with the matching van!
Memorial Day Sale is done & this one is posted until tomorrow, then will be withdrawn :)
This one is withdrawn. Don't miss the others we have posted!
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