Hello Addicts,

A wise man wrote here 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade' so here we are. Up for consideration today is a Ruger PCC 9mm with Aimpoint 9000SC Red Dot 9mm. I purchased this carbine new for my spouse and it has fewer than 100 rounds through it. It's a lot of fun at the range. PCC includes original box and 33 round Glock magazine.

Asking $1000 shipped FFL-to-FFL. Shipping is from Texas (DFW) area. If you are a local buyer, we can meet at my FFL and I will cover the transfer fee ($20 dollars). Insurance is included. Payment can be check (personal or otherwise), Zelle or cards (when invoiced through my FFL). My FFL charges a 3% fee for cards - not my thing - it is what his bank charges him.

Thanks for looking.


Also on deck and soon to be listed are the following:
Beretta 1301 - $1100
Springfield EMP 4 - $900
Browning T-Bolt LH with rings - $500