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This is a catch and release for me. Preeety cool carry wheelgun in the lord's chambering.

625-10 Performance Center, Lew Horton Exclusive, Product Code 170226

They made between 300 and about 800 of these depending on who’s saying

2” barrel, six shots of 45 ACP in a 23oz N-frame package

Comes with original Eagle Secret Service grips, original metal combo lock S&W Performance Center factory case and literature, and new ambi bulldog holster.

This looks like it’s been shot little/not at all

You will notice there is an issue with the finish or coating on the frame. I have had one other S&W airweight with this happening to the frame and S&W refinished it on their dime. I also saw on the S&W forum that this happened to another guy’s 625-10 and he had them do the frame black for a nice two tone look, if that’s a concern to you.

Have more photos for interested folks.

Trade interests include a no-lock PD340, Wilson ULCC, (similarly valued) gov size 1911s in 45 or 9, etc., cash up or down depending on the deal.

I'd like $1900 shipped to your FFL.

sw 625 a 5.jpg
sw 625 b 9.jpg
sw 625 c 11.jpg
sw 625 d 17.jpg
sw 625 e 18.jpg
sw 625 f 3.jpg
sw 625 g 4.jpg
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