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S&W Customer Service: A++

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Had a revolver that dated back to 1989 that I purchased "NIB".

The extractor star would rotate a bit once the extractor rod was depressed to the point that when you released the extractor rod, it would sometimes not seat fully and inhibit the cylinder from closing. See pic below:

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I called S&W CS and they sent me a return label while I was on the phone with them and I had it back to the mothership the same day.
Received it back two weeks later fully functional and not a single charge for the whole transaction.

Thanks S&W.
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S&W has always treated me well with any warranty issues.
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Always was treated well by S&W.
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Back in the 80s i bought a used S&W Smainless pistol. Looked like new EXCEPT the screws on the factory stocks had been buggered.
Called S&W CS to find particulars to order new ones. They sent me the 4 stainless screws at no charge. They are tops.
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