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S&W Model 65

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Very desirable 3" Model 65 with Craig Spegel grips, I'd prefer to sell gun with the grips. But I do have the OEM grips.

To the best of recollection, I have not fired this gun. I bought it for a base gun, no need now.

The gun is in excellent collection, a few swirls and handling marks.

Grips are NOT for Sale until the gun sells without them. Then they may be listed.

$1,550 shipped and insured, $1,100 without the Spegel/s.

Air gun Revolver Trigger Wood Gun barrel

Wood String instrument accessory String instrument String instrument Bicycle part

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Revolver
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Very nice! Those Spegels did have a round trip ticket ✈ ✈ ;) ... GLWS!
Outstanding piece! No luck needed!!
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Its a beauty and very desireable model. Agree, no luck needed
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I few more pics

Revolver Wood Everyday carry Knife Gun accessory

Revolver Air gun Wood Trigger Gun barrel

Trigger Air gun Revolver Wood Bookcase

Gas Electrical wiring Engineering Cable Bicycle part

Automotive tire Tire Bicycle wheel Wood Rim

Revolver Office equipment Trigger Machine Automotive design

Revolver Air gun Trigger Everyday carry Gun barrel

Helmet Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Wood

Revolver Wood Shotgun Air gun Gun accessory

Wood Sculpture Statue Art String instrument
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Super Bowl Bump!
The quintessential carry revolver. If you don't have one or two already, buy this one.
Great gun, priced right. Craig Spegel has a 2 year wait on grips. Someone will enjoy this either way.
SOLD, thank you ;)
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