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$695 $650 shipped. Upgraded SA Range Officer 9mm.

I was hesitant to list this because I’ve made so many changes to it. However, it may be just what someone is looking for so I’ll give it a run. This is an ideal range only budget fun gun or foundation for a custom build. You could take it out and shoot it as it sits or continue upgrading from where I left off.

Many quality parts added:
Ed Brown: 25 LPI checkered MSH, full pins & plunger replacement
EGW: angle bore thick bushing, plug, HD extractor
Harrison Design: true radius ignition parts ( sear, hammer, strut, disco, sear spring)
Wilson Combat: BP thumb safety, BP slide stop, BP firing pin stop, firing pin & spring.
Dawson Precision: FO front sight
10-8: flat trigger & grip screws
Original parts included.

There may be more that I forgot but that’s at least $400 in parts listed above added aside from gunsmith fees. I installed and tuned (if you will) the ignition parts and thumb safety. I lightly used the Harrison TR sear jig to maintain the geometry the true radius sear arrived with. A local gunsmith validated that my installation was safe and complete then fit the HD extractor, firing pin stop, angle bore bushing and front sight. His test target is in the photo.

The gun has 3500 rounds shot and it’s got many thousands more with this ignition system. The trigger pull is between 3-3.5 lbs and very nice, far better than SA factory. This gun is a lot of fun. The only things I would change if keeping it; tune the extractor a bit more and put a set of VZ grips on it. Thanks for looking.

**If it’s best not to sell altered guns here, please let me know and I’ll pull the sale and sell locally**

Gun Brown Firearm Trigger Line

Gun Brown Firearm Trigger White

Gun Brown Firearm Trigger Tan

Gun Trigger Gun accessory Tan Gun barrel

Beige Office equipment Musical instrument accessory Household appliance accessory Shadow

Trigger Gun accessory Ammunition Air gun Gun barrel
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Hope this is the right place to do this!!
I received the above pistol from "dash"
It is all that he said it was!
Great exchange of info and we made the exchange with no hiccups at all.
Except for FedEx which was no fault of his or mine LOL
Dash thanks for the nice pistol and working with you was a pleasure
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