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    86E27962-891B-4157-BF4F-8993F405457A.jpeg BEBB53CB-9100-4D44-9AF3-6222F79BB05B.jpeg My youngest son is in need of a 12ga, and with my retirement from Uncle Sam immanent, I have to let one go in order to grow. His new Labrador pup has amazing potential, so we are moving into hunting way more than shooting. I have #30308 in the TGO3 platform for sale or trade. It’s in overall good shape. Has an idiot mark on the slide somehow, but not much else. It comes with 4 grips, and the original slim bushings. I have regular bushings on currently. I did add skateboard tape type front grip from the ‘bay, and double diamond grips from one of the 1911 forums as well (I believe from here). I did add the set of slim grips from a KY friend of mine (crotch black walnut). 3 mags are included, 2 from MecGar and 1 Ruger. Aluminum case is included, but none of the original paperwork. I did install a Fusion Magwell, and the original is included as well. I’m asking $1075 to include shipping from FFL to your FFL. I’d prefer to trade for a Browning Maxus stalker or camo in 12ga. 26” or 28” barrel. Open to other 12ga semi auto shotguns as well, but Browning fit my son the best. The 1911 will be cross posted this weekend, 1911 forum members will get the 72hr head start. I will be out of town until Saturday if other photos are requested. Thanks, Eric
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    First bump, opening for local sale trade board as well.
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