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Greetings Gents,

I've been hesitant to post this up, but this is another product my Father used to sell at shows and online. If you know about these, you might find them of some interest. I am held to a minimum advertised price in open online sales sites, but since this is a members only forum, I wanted to make them available at a better price, at least as long as I can before I get complaints from the manufacturer.

Regular MAP pricing is $129.95. Write me for special Addicts pricing, but it is at least $13.95 less . . . . . :rolleyes: shipping included.

Contrary to other sources, I will ship to Iowa. These are new, in the box, with full manufacturers warranty.

Here is a link to an alternate site where I sell them, just so you can verify my history with these, but don't buy them there, they will cost you more . . . .

If y'all have any questions on these, please feel free to ask.


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