Sally and Fluffy

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    Sally was a middle aged beachcomber bag lady, and her only friend was her cat Fluffy that lived with her in their driftwood house.

    One day Sally discovered an old brass bottle half buried in the sand and proceeded to shine it up. Suddenly out burst a Genie. He said he had been trapped in the bottle for 3,000 years, and for each 1,000 years he would grant her a wish.

    Well she thought for a long time and finally made up her mind. She said her first wish would be a big house on the beach, with a clear and free title. There was a great flash and lots of smoke, and when it cleared, there was the house of her dreams. She grabbed Fluffy and ran to see the inside of the house.

    The Genie told her she had two remaining wishes, so she thought it over and said she would need a never ending supply of cash to live and keep the house up. There was another great flash and there on the floor was a large pile of cash.

    The Genie said she had one remaining wish, so she thought long and hard. She came to the conclusion that the one thing missing in her life was a man that loved her as much as her cat Fluffy did. She told the Genie to make Fluffy into a Chippendales dancer that would love her forever. There was another great flash, and there in front of her was Fluffy fully transformed into the man of her dreams!

    Sally couldn't believe it! She asked" that really you?"

    He answered "Yes Sally my love, it really is.....Now aren't you sorry you had me fixed!!!"
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    great on LK..thanks for all the laughs this year. Merry Xmas to you. have a safe and healthy and happy holiday season
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    Thank You Ed for all the laughs. My wish is that you & yours have a very Merry Christmas, & a Happy New Year :)
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