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This is a gunsmithing question, but not limited to the 1911, so I put it here. I have a relatively old Marlin 336, JM stamped, straight grip, no cross-bolt safety, built around the 1976-78 timeframe. Someone left it sitting out in a barn for several years, so the outside of the gun has/had extensive surface rust, especially on the barrel and receiver. Most of it is just surface, with not a lot of pitting. I want to get the finish back to as good of a blued surface as I can, but without re-bluing it. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they have developed over the years? I have been using 0000-steel wool with lots of oil and a lot of elbow grease! Any help at all would be much appreciated! The rest of the gun is in good to excellent condition, and I plan on slicking up the action and working on the trigger. If I had the tanks et cetera, I would just strip it down and reblue. As it is, I am not quite there yet.
My dear friend, One Eye , as I remember you were studying Smithing skills, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that your corse didn’t refer you to the Gunsmiths first resource. The TTT catalog .
On page 6396185C you will find the TTT instant gun finish kit , damn fool !
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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