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Sbardella Arms in progress shop photos...

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All the cool pistol smiths/custom shops on here seem to have their own picture threads. I enjoy following these and seeing all the great work and talent displayed from other smiths. I'm starting this thread to show some of the work we do here at Sbardella Arms.

This week we are machining frames. Notice how this forging has been blanchard ground on the sides, which is the first step in the machining process:

After several operations, the blank now has the front radius cuts, checkering, and mag well machined:

Clamped in fixture for next machining operation:

I paused the machine here to show the big saw that cuts the slot in the back of the frame for the ignition components:

Here the part is in another machine, getting a bunch of detailed work done in a 4th axis rotary:

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Thanks for the post. I find this very interesting since I have not been around the manufacturing process before.
I was surprised as well about the early checkering, but did not want to reveal the totality of my ignoranceo_O
1 - 2 of 63 Posts