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SDS (Tisas) Bantam 9mm

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Thoughts on the SDS Bantam 9? I know a couple forumites have some copies, but I haven't seen any kind of long term durability/reliability reviews. For less than a grand, I'm having a hard time saying no.

General thoughts on SDS/Tisas customer service, warranty, reliability?
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well, i have a Tisas 1911, in 45 ACP.

the highest price i'd ever pay for a 9 mm is/was my recent Beretta 92 FS in satin [email protected] $780.00

(i just did a quick search, some are selling that particular Tisas for OVER the $1,000 point.....uh not me, for a 9mm, i could care less who makes'em. )

i'd not pay any more than what i paid for my Beretta, for any 9mm. personally i like my 1911's to be in 45 ACP, and from there, i'll go as high as $1,700 for one.

i never had to deal with Tisas customer service, or had any warranty issues, they run, and run...that is...the 45 ACP's......i don't know about the 9mm's.
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