Sell me your beater Springfield or Colt(hobby gunsmith)

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  1. Rezarf

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    Dec 30, 2018
    The aim of this thread is to find one or two inexpensive practice guns. I've got enough pretty, higher end, beauty queen 1911's. I am looking for inexpensive, beat down, abused or neglected guns to continue my hobby. I have a mill and I am not afraid to use it. :o.o:

    I am looking for ANY Springfield/Colt to continue practicing my gunsmithing hobby. The only exception would be officer/compact models. So Champions, Commanders, Gov't, long rails, full rails, no rails, alloy frame any 4" gun or bigger. Not interested in other brands at this time.

    If I had a choice, I'd be all over a 1911-1A Mil Spec... even if it was left in your tackle box for a year and needs total rehab (with a price that reflects the condition :eek: )

    No beauty queens need to apply, looking for a good deal on a beater gun. Complete or not. Previously hacked or not. Functioning or not.

    I have lots of gun related trade fodder if you'd prefer. Been into high end AR's for a decade, 1911 parts, and I do Glock stippling/chopping work. I've been making custom kydex rigs for over 10 years too. Lets make a deal!

    Anyone who helps me procure a beater to build up, will be privy to all "in progress" pics and updates as the build up happens... as well as having first dibs if they'd like to buy it back when done (if I decide to sell it, assuming it is safe and functional).

    So who's got that ugly duckling tucked back deep in the safe!?

    Thanks in advance-
  2. B81

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    Aug 12, 2018
    I have a Springfield Loaded Target in 9mm that I would be willing to part with. It's the gun referenced in these threads:

    The gun is currently working reliably, and I haven't done any modification to the gun outside of changing the springs (recoil spring, mainspring, and firing pin spring) and replacing the FLGR with a GI guide rod and plug. I still have all of the original parts.

    I'm not a fan of the target sights, and I mainly shoot 45 acp (when shooting 1911's). Plus, I now have a DW Valor, and I'm getting ready to acquire my first semi-custom. So, the gun just sits.

    Feel free to PM me if interested. I can send you more pics, info, etc.
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