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I went to the range tonight with the Les Baer. This time, I brought my new Shotmaxx-2 timer.

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I ran the Shotmaxx using the accelerometer sensor. It seemed to work reliability. It picked up all of my shots and the times look right. Unfortunately, I didn't have another timer to compare against. I guess so long as it's consistent and close enough, it's good enough for training purposes.

The cool thing is that, since it senses recoil using an accelerometer, I can use it at an indoor range without echos and/or the shots of another shooter fouling up my timings.

Of course, if you do any drills that require switching between left and right hands, you'll only get the times for the hand that's wearing the watch.

It also has a mic on it for picking up shots using sound. I suppose that would come in handy when timing someone else (or when shooting single handed).

The controls are not intuitive. You will need to read the manual. Even after doing that, it took me at least 10 min of fumbling around at the range to finally get it to work. But, once you get it, it becomes easy to use.

This was my best slow fire group of the day (25 yards, free hand, no time limit):

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The first 3 rounds are touching, but the last 2 are a little more spread out. I think my grip/concentration slips a little after the first 3 shots. It's a known problem for me. Some days are better than others. I'm working on it.

Here are a couple 25 yard "rapid fire" results. These were shot with the traditional 10 second par time. I used the Shotmaxx to signal the start and end of the par time. I started from a compressed ready.

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As before, first 3 shots group nicely, then the last 2 string out a bit.

I then set up a USPSA target at 25 yards and ran some drills working from a holster. According to the Shotmaxx, by best string had a draw time of 2.6s with a 1.4s split.

Bringing the target into 10 yards, my best string of the evening had a draw time of 1.76s with a 0.55s split.

When running Mozambique drills, it takes me about 1s to reliably transition from the torso to the head. (I can go faster, but I'll just end up putting a round in the throat/neck area ;) )

Right hand draw times are sitting at about 3s, with 1.2s splits.

Left hand draw times are... well, I don't have data for that because I was wearing the Shotmaxx on my right hand.

In conclusion, the measurements comming off the Shotmaxx seem reasonable, and it picked up all of my shots (and none that I didn't make). I really can't speak to it's long term reliability yet, but it looks well made and I'm feeling optimistic about it.
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