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Just conducted the inaugural (for me) range trip of a recently-acquired 1978 vintage Smith & Wesson Model 27-2 revolver. I did not have a lot of time but made the most of it and had a good session getting reacquainted with shooting a full-size revolver.

The ammunition selection consisted of Zero brand .38 Special reloads and a mix of Federal .357 Magnum JSPs and Blazer .357 JHPs, all in 158 grains.

No real surprises here. The big five-inch barreled N-frame made shooting the .38s feel like shooting a BB gun - okay, not quite, but you get the idea. The Blazer .357s offered a noticeable step up in recoil, and the Federal JSPs even more so. Neither was unpleasant to shoot - the Federals tended to make me work a little harder to maintain a proper grip on the 27 as I went.

The .357s did provide a self-satisfying “Boom!” and requisite muzzle-flash upon ignition, especially at the indoor range!

Shooting was at a relaxed pace this session. I didn’t even use Quick-Strips or speedloaders, just reloaded the gun directly from the ammo boxes. Nothing fast, fancy, or remotely Ed McGivern-esque here haha...just putting rounds downrange at about 7 yards and getting to know the gun.

I shoot and carry a S&W Model 642 (like a billion other people, right?) but I believe it’s been about six or more years since I’ve spent any significant time shooting a full-size revolver like this. It was good to be doing so again. While I shoot 1911s these days more than anything else, I’ve always had a fondness for double-action revolver shooting. Now that I think of it, all of the shooting this session was double-action, I didn’t even try single-action.

It appears that I lost a small divot of material from the back of one grip half. I don’t have a “before” picture to prove it, but I’m almost certain this was not the condition of the grip upon delivery of the gun. I’m not overly worked-up about it - this gun was not destined for safe queen status and it’s also likely I’m about to embark on some grip experimentation anyway. I actually like the S&W target stocks, but a set of Roper-style (or similar) is calling to me.

All-in-all, I fired 90 rounds of .38 Special and 72 rounds of .357 Magnum this session (neat how both counts are divisible by six, hm?). I’m looking forward to more ahead. Also have some Kramer leather on order for this gun, due in by early May. It won’t be carried full-time, but I want to be able to when the urge strikes.

Thanks for reading!

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.357 in a revolver must be a handful
Dude, you HAVE to get out and shoot some wheel guns. That thing weighs about 3lbs loaded, that an the 5" barrel go a long way to taming the recoil even with full house .357mag loads. You'll be amazed at how accurate revolvers can be and how much fun they are to shoot.

OP - Terrific revolver, the 5" 27 has always been a favorite of mine. Enjoyed your range report, too.

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Thanks, all! Looking forward to posting more pics, etc. along the way, and especially once the Kramer gunleather arrives.
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....It appears that I lost a small divot of material from the back of one grip half. I don’t have a “before” picture to prove it, but I’m almost certain this was not the condition of the grip upon delivery of the gun....
Nice shooting. I always practice DA and SA. I guess due to hunting with a handgun. I hold the gun with my right hand and cock the hammer with my left thumb.

It looks like in your picture that the finish is inside the divot? It should be bare wood. IMO, it's no big deal for a shooter. You could repair it or not. Target N-frame stocks are not expensive in the later dates (The Coke bottle Target stocks are up around $500).

I love the P&R Model 27 revolvers (own a bunch of them, most are 4 and 5-screw versions).

Nice gun, Enjoy it.
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