German made p226 (2010ish) tuned by the famed Sig smith Robert Burke, aka The Sig Armorer. Robert performed his competition level action job, installed his QTR system to reduce takeup and shorten reset, and installed his super strut (see build sheet). I’ve tried the p226 Legion, it’s very good, I think Robert’s work is much better.

From the sig armorer website:
“The Sig Armorer P-series Competition Action Job takes all of our polishing, honing, creep and over-travel reduction to the extreme. Owners can expect double action pulls in the 7.5 pound range and a creep-less single action pull at a weight of their choosing between 2.25 and 3.0 pounds.”

comes with:
  • Sig p226 with original slide, nitron night sights dated 2020, original plastic sig p226 grips
  • Sig p226 procut optic ready slide with suppressor height Sig Xray night sights, dated 2020
  • Sig Romeo1 pro 6moa with steel shroud
  • Hogue g10 grips
  • 2x mecgar 18rd mags
  • original Sig box and papers

$1450 shipped to your FFL. Most electronic payments welcome. Add $25 if your FFL requires transfers from an FFL.
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