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Sig Emperor Scorpion Fastback 1911 - Reduced!

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An unanticipated WW II collection purchase last night has made me decide to put my Sig Emperor Scorpion Fastback up for sale. I bought it used so the round count is unknown - but I would say very low. I only put a couple of magazines through it since I got it about a year ago. The only real sign of wear is a little bit of rub on the left side of the trigger (see the close up photo).

Included is the gun, 2 Sig 8-rd magazines, manual, and a Pelican case. (It didn't come in the original box - but the Pelican case is pretty darn nice!). Also included is a set of VZ bobtail grips (shown in the photos).

Asking $1,000 $1,200 shipped from my FFL to yours. I'll accept any discrete electronic payment (PP F&F, Venmo, Zelle) or personal check from established Addicts. Sorry - no money orders (too hard for me to cash/deposit). Not interested in any trades.

PM me with any questions or requests for additional photos.

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Awesome gun, is this chambered in .45 ACP ?
Awesome gun, is this chambered in .45 ACP ?
Yes, it's in God's caliber! 😄
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I know there are 1911 purists who disagree with Sig’s changes, but that doesn’t stop it from being an awesome gun!
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Alright - we'll try a little price drop to see if this will move. Down to $1,100 shipped to your FFL.
Had one of these for a short period of time before my addiction took over and traded it. It’s a great shooter. GLWS
Where are all the 1911 fans??
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Okay, you wasted your weekend -- time to do something worthwhile and buy a new 1911!! 😄
Bump - and a price drop for Hump Day!
A last bump for Addicts…then it’s off to my LGS for consignment next week!
It's heading to the LGS for consignment this morning...
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