Sig P226 for carry weapon

Discussion in 'Autoloaders' started by Smokewagon, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Smokewagon

    Smokewagon Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2016
    I was going through the gun safe and pulled out a Sig Legion P226 SAO that I bought awhile back, but haven’t shot in awhile. Trigger and reset are phenomenal for the class of pistol it is in. Decided I need to give her some range time.

    Anyone carry a P226? Any insight into your holster choice?

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  2. HooDoo Man

    HooDoo Man Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Dec 26, 2017
    Very nice. Wilson Combat leather has nice P226 holster on there web site for an OWB 226. I have one for my P229,excelent.
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  3. nikerret

    nikerret Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2019
    I love the 226. My first duty pistol was a 226R DA/SA in 40. I only had it a few months (all of the Academy, though), before a G22 was my assigned pistol, from then on.

    I got a 229, but sold it. Just had to scratch the itch.

    Now, I’ve got two 226R’s. A LE trade DAK in 40 and a DA/SA in 357 Sig (it also came with a new 40 barrel). I’m not sure what place they will hold. Right now, they just sit in the safe, with so many others. I’m thinking they would be perfect dedicated vehicle pieces, but I also hate the DAK trigger.

    Post some pics!

    I’m in for the carry discussion. A friend of mine is a retired Trooper and his carry gun is his former duty weapon, a 226R with DAK trigger, in 40. He carries it in a cheap holster. I keep saying I’m going to get him a good IWB, but nothing has fit the bill (and budget) so far.
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  4. nikerret

    nikerret Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2019
    No pictures?
  5. AJP

    AJP Well-Known Member

    Jun 15, 2017
    I carried mine for a short time in a Crossbreed supertuck. Ultimately I stopped due to the size and weight, and general bulk. I find my CZ P10S doesn't give up much if any performance to the 226 and is much more practical to carry.
  6. noveske_nut

    noveske_nut Money talks but here it only says buh bye!! Supporting Addict

    Feb 20, 2017
    Both of my SAO Legions approve of this thread!


    Holsters courtesy of Long Shadow.
  7. Badguybuster

    Badguybuster Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2018
    I carry my 226 Legion OWB during cold weather. One of my favoritee
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  8. Pinecreekboy

    Pinecreekboy New Member

    Nov 3, 2019
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  9. Ethanol Red

    Ethanol Red Make it a double Supporting Addict

    Jul 12, 2015
    I carried a 226 for a bit. Sold it to a good friend. Now I carry a 228 at times. It carries about the same as a Glock. Weight difference is not noticeable. I use a hybrid leather/kydex holster. It works well. Hides nice even for a slim guy.
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  10. Goldfinger

    Goldfinger Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2020
    Don't have a 226, but I carry a 229, and a 228 sometimes.
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  11. HooDoo Man

    HooDoo Man Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Dec 26, 2017
    P226 w/light and Laser bedside. P229 w/owb other. 1911's all over.
  12. 340pd

    340pd Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2020
    Sold my P226 but still own an M11A1. Sigs are great firearms but I find that series to be a bit blocky for concealed carry. OWB in the summer or taking a walk in one of our riot torn cities? Perfect.
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  13. jmr986

    jmr986 Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2016
    Garret Industries when I use the slide with the red dot. I also have a TT gunleather that I use when the slide without the Romeo is on.

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